Why So Many Small Businesses Choose VoIP Solutions

Over the past twenty years VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems have already carved out a respectable chunk of the small business telecom market. You might know them as IP phone systems, cloud PBX or internet phone systems. Even the most casual observer of today’s telecom scene cannot fail to notice the growing number of small and medium size firms who leave their traditional landline phone systems for these online alternatives. What lies behind this strong trend?

The appeal of internet business phone systems rests on several factors. Some of the most common rationales for the move include:

Dramatic Reductions In Telecom Costs

It is no secret that smaller firms are concerned to keep costs to a minimum. Their telecom expenses can amount to a significant budgetary item. The traditional PBX technology popular over in the 1980s and 1990s was very reliable but it was also very expensive.

In contrast, VoIP providers do not need to install and maintain phone cabinets and copper wiring at their customer premises. With much lower infrastructure costs they can afford to undercut the rates of landline phone providers. These price differences are most pronounced with overseas call rates. Some companies have found they can reduce their phone charges by as much as 90% by moving over to a VoIP solution.

Yet some companies sacrifice voice quality on the altar of cost reduction as they rush to migrate to IP-based phone systems. PhoneSentry’s patent-pending Voice Application Performance Management Solution (VoiceAMP) solution enables firms to monitor their carriers, session border controller (SBC) uptime and audio quality. This ensures early discovery of system performance failure so the problem can be corrected before system users start to notice it.

Improved Customer & Internal Communications

Most small businesses dream of developing into larger concerns. As the customer base expands the firm hires new employees and their phone system has to accommodate increased demands. Companies who rely on landline PBX face heavy additional costs upgrading fixed equipment.

A cloud PBX makes it is easy to add new users and activate new features. There is no need to pay for a telecom engineer to come to the business and make these adjustments since the VoIP client can easily make these changes. At the same time, PhoneSentry’s patent-pending voice monitoring software verifies this IP phone system continues to work well as the firm expands – without any need for costly new hardware or software investment.

A Phone System That Grows With The Business

In this age of pressing buttons and seeing immediate reactions customers increasingly expect fast responses to queries. Internet business phone systems make it easy to set up call forwarding scenarios. For example, when a representative is away from their work station, the phone call can follow them to their smart phone. Advanced call forwarding options enable the manager to configure which calls are forwarded when certain conditions apply. VoIP thus allows firms to deliver superior levels of customer service likely to boost loyalty. It also contributes to improved internal communications with employees working remotely.

Yet once again, no firm can afford to take these promised of a greatly improved caller experience for granted. Without the constant real-time monitoring PhoneSentry provides, this dream of a perfect telecom solution easily becomes an illusion.

Access To Advanced PBX Features

Landlines phone systems give a distinct advantage to large companies with the budget to buy and maintain top line, feature-rich PBXs. Internet phone systems even the playing fields since they give firms of all sizes access to auto-attendant based on caller, voice menus (IVR), video conferencing, conditional call forwarding and many other advanced PBX features. Delivering a positive caller experience is now practical for even the smallest business. Here too, PhoneSentry’s VAPM makes all the difference. The easily affordable SAAS-only software allows he small firm keeps track of voice quality issues as effectively as any of their larger competitors.

Answering Voice Quality Concerns

Concerns over voice quality issues still encourage some firms to resist the appeal of VoIP. However, these problems are quickly overcome with the top grade, low budget PhoneSentry voice monitoring. PhoneSentry allows quick detection and remedy of audio problems before customer complaints start to arrive at the help desk.