PhoneSentry’s VoIP monitoring competitors

What’s the Competition? Examining VoIP Monitoring Programs

Most companies now use VoIP, and those that don’t will likely soon switch. In fact, there’s likely a deadline to POTS as we know it.

This makes sense – industry thrives on advancements in technology, after all. Companies easy-to-use, scalable infrastructure. Otherwise, they will end up falling behind their competitors. Plus, with the savings of VoIP? Easy choice.

Yet, while VoIP might make your telecom system cheaper and more convenient, it introduces its own issues. VoIP monitoring software and services help businesses overcome these obstacles.

PhoneSentry’s VoIP monitoring competitors

Why Make the Switch to VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol is already the standard in most businesses. For one thing, VoIP is cheaper and more flexible. VoIP technology is scalable, which means your company spends less time adding and upgrading equipment.

To be clear – there’s more reasons to switch to VoIP than to stick with outdated technology. For the times that VoIP technology fails, there’s always monitoring technology to help.

What Technologies Exist that Can Help Me Monitor Phone Quality?

Usually, when there are issues with VoIP systems, the internet provider is to blame. Unfortunately, ISPs generally pass the buck to others because they want to avoid responsibility. Not only is this poor behavior, but it doesn’t help you get to the bottom of your problem.

If your business relies on phones, it’s important to ensure that they work the way they should, when they should. To do so, you’ll need a program to monitor phone quality.

The most common type of phone quality monitoring technology that exists is network monitoring solutions. These solutions provide VoIP customers with complex monitoring systems that measure the network health in complicated readouts filled with technical jargon. Employees may need specialized knowledge or skills to understand what they’re looking at.

Unfortunately, these options do not provide a bigger picture, and they can be exceedingly expensive with minimal payoff. Unless you’re a telecom technician, most monitoring solutions on the market will be arcane and unwieldy.

Other VoIP Monitoring Software

Other monitoring solutions are great if you have a dedicated telecom expert or two on staff. If you don’t, but you still need to know if and when something is wrong, then you’ll need different software.

PhoneSentry offers an easy-to-read dashboard that monitors the overall performance of your telecom system. It alerts key personnel as soon as there’s a problem, giving your team more time to find and fix the issue, thereby minimizing downtime.

So, if you are proactive, but you don’t have technical telecom expertise, then PhoneSentry is your ally.

Plus, PhoneSentry records interruptions in service, giving you proof positive of downtime to show your telecom provider in exchange for account credit. If they don’t meet their SLAs, you’ll know, and they won’t be able to pass the buck.

Further Reading

Determining which VoIP monitoring service to choose can be hard. However, you can make your life easier by choosing a service that provides you with meaningful and actionable information – not just technical readouts about packets and latency.

PhoneSentry is one of the few services out there that offers complete insight into your phone quality by looking at different factors that impact that quality. PhoneSentry offers voice application performance management, capacity load testing, and professional services engagement.

Visit our website to find out more about what a monitoring service should provide.