What Causes Poor Call Quality At Businesses?

Phone calls seldom go without some form of interruption. At home, the stakes are much lower. Someone might knock on your door, or your internet may drop during a FaceTime call.

When it comes to business calls, though, phone call quality issues are much more damaging. Poor call quality at a business might anger a customer or drag out communications. There aren’t really any good reasons to ignore phone quality issues.

As a customer, few things are more annoying than repeating yourself to a representative when you need answers. On the business end, customer service representative who repeat themselves is a surefire way to irritate already on-edge customers.

It also wastes time. Over the long run, this equates to lost or wasted money.

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Pinpointing The Problem

Business and non-business phone owners both might ignore their phone quality problems until they become too overt to ignore. For the average person with a cell phone, it’s too much hassle to pinpoint the problem to fix it.

Phone and internet service providers have typical procedures to fix phone quality problems. However, they require time and, usually, patience.

Similarly, DIY walkthroughs dominate online help pages. Often, calling in to a phone company to walk you through a fix results in agents reading you those online help articles verbatim.

The effectiveness of these steps is elastic. They simultaneously rule out small fixes while narrowing down the issues. The intent is to efficiently strike down the problem while causing minimal stress to the phone company and to their customers.

The problem with traditional fixes to phone quality causes is that individual people hardly even have the time to walk through fixes.

Causes Of Poor Phone Quality

PhoneSentry has dealt with many different phone quality issues, but there are a few main culprits in the never-ending fight against poor phone quality.

  • Lack of bandwidth. Web-based phone services may cause interruptions, garbled conversation, or even lost calls due to bandwidth space. Overloaded internet service can cause poor phone quality just as it causes interruptions in your web surfing or media streaming.
  • Equipment misconfiguration. We all try to follow directions, but mistakes happen. If system equipment isn’t set up incorrectly the first time around, it is possible that it will impact the overall quality of future calls.
  • Equipment quality. Older equipment might cause issues, just as the use of new equipment might slow down a VoIP network. Working with older network providers or equipment could create voice quality issues for your company.
  • Environmental quality. Environmental sound quality is an easy fix. By simply making your company’s phone call setting more acoustically-oriented, you can prevent immediate issues with phone quality.
  • The phone company itself. Many of the biggest issues with phone call quality involve the phone company. When there are outages and issues with your phone company, there is little you can do on your end.

The bad news is that not all phone quality issues can be lumped into one of these bullet points.

Luckily, many of these problems can be narrowed down to one common factor—human error. With proper training and knowledge about how phone lines work, it’s relatively easy to prevent many of these issues from causing long-term harm at your business.

Specific Treatment Is Key To Clarity

A sore throat and itchy feet both impact the wellness of your body. You wouldn’t cure strep throat with antifungal cream, would you?

Doctors treat specific issues with specific solutions. Similarly, companies must pay attention to the “symptoms” present in their voice quality issues. Then, they must directly address those symptoms with appropriate solutions. There’s no “one size fits all” cure.

Without doing this, it’s likely your issues will continue to persist.

How Do I Treat My Poor Call Quality?

Doing due diligence, like making sure your office is sound-optimized and your equipment is up-to-date, is a great start. Businesses can do more by working with voice quality monitoring professionals.

Voice Application Performance Management (or VoiceAPM) gives your business a better diagnostic tool for call quality issues. VoiceAPM provides a competitive edge that helps keep your customers connected to your business in a personal way.

Interested in learning more about VoiceAPM and the impacts of poor call quality? Click here to sign up for a free demo to learn more.