What Does PhoneSentry Cost and What Are the Driving Factors of That Cost?

Good businesses do their homework before they commit to a new product purchase. Part of that homework includes figuring out what services cost (and why).

This detective work is necessary for putting businesses in front of their competitors. The market has flooded with a variety of tech solutions. All these solutions make promises about what their products and services can do, but how do you know they’ll keep those promises?

The voice quality monitoring (VQM) market is no different. Let’s look at the cost of VQM.

Voice Quality Monitoring Cost

Getting to Know Your VQM Product

It’s easy to get sucked into the latest tech applications, especially if they promise to make your life easier. You should always take a moment to fully research the latest innovations in your field and determine how that will impact your scalability.

A voice quality monitoring application is a service that lets phone-dependent businesses know the quality of the audio that their telephone service provides. This ranges from garbled voices to dropped calls to distortion over the call.

But it’s important to know what voice quality monitoring costs—and what contributes to that cost.

Questions to Ask Potential Voice Quality Monitoring Vendors

The initial search for a customer-facing solution is exciting. An application’s potential to bring you ahead of your competition and make your life easier as a business is tempting. Asking the right questions about the services you are interested in will make the search for the right application easier.

Some core questions to ask your potential voice quality monitoring vendor include:

• How will your services improve our relationship with our customers?
• How do your services compare to others like yours?
• Why is your service important and/or better than your competition’s?
• Is your business scalable? How do you anticipate your service standing the test of time?
• What is your customer service department like? How can you respond to client needs quickly?
• What are the terms and conditions of your service?

A closer look at these questions reveals that cost is a huge driving factor behind the purchase of technical applications. Ultimately, these questions show that businesses are concerned with whether they can trust their money is being well-spent.

What Does PhoneSentry’s Voice Quality Monitoring Cost?

PhoneSentry costs $300 per month per location for unlimited phone quality monitoring. The more sites your company has, the less it pays per month.

Installing PhoneSentry at ten locations means you only pay $200 per month. Over fifty means only $150 per month, and so on. There may also be negligible charges associated with PhoneSentry’s test calls. These charges usually add a couple dollars at most to your organization’s monthly phone bill.

PhoneSentry differs from competition in a few major ways.

1) PhoneSentry is intuitive and easy to use. Other VQM services offer only technical jargon for telecom specialists. PhoneSentry provides at-a-glance updates that any business user can understand.
2) It doesn’t operate in excess during non-peak times, like weekends. Because voice quality monitoring depends upon phone calls being made to your company’s line, it can hike up the cost of company phone bills. By using AI to pinpoint when peak call times are at our client’s companies, we lessen the financial toll voice quality monitoring takes.
3) PhoneSentry operates with a heuristic engine, which essentially allows our system to make calls more often to systems who are having issues. This is atypical of other voice application management services, who usually keep service consistent despite recurring issues with phone lines.
4) PhoneSentry allows customers to run reports on their phone providers, allowing them to see which ones are performing the best.
5) All PhoneSentry reports contain valuable information that allows customers to pinpoint what and where issues are in their companies. In turn, this enables our clients to more quickly call the tech team they need to fix their service.

Getting Started with Voice Quality Monitoring

If working phones are a must for your business, then you know how important VQM is. However, the associated cost must be worth it. Hopefully we’ve answered some initial questions about VQM cost. Of course, if you’d like to get a better idea about how costs break down, we’re happy to chat about specifics.

Want to learn more about phone quality? Look at some of our recent voice monitoring innovations. Or, follow our blog for news about the industry.