How Can Voice Quality Management Save You Money?

Business owners spend between thousands and millions on business expenses each year, based on their sizes. Expenses usually help businesses run more smoothly and efficiently, which means companies are less likely to be inconvenienced by the cost.

Cost is only one part of business inconveniences, however. The inability to use the utilities which you pay for is not only inconvenient, but it is cost inefficient. This is especially true of phones in phone-dependent businesses. When businesses experience continued issues with their phone quality, it takes a toll on their wallet, their ability to function, and the morale of their employees.

Voice quality management can alleviate those issues, but it comes at a cost. However, it might save you money in the long run. Read on to learn how.

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Voice Quality Management: A Simple Solution to a Big Problem?

Voice quality management is integral to helping businesses solve their voice quality issues. A voice quality management system monitors phone lines by continuously monitoring your business lines.

Such systems quickly alert managers or key business users when phone quality suffers. If your phone service drops, you’ll know immediately. You’ll always have insight into voice quality and line health of all phone lines at your business.

So, let’s see how that translates into saved money.

Voice Quality Monitoring for Preventative Maintenance

We use the term “health” in many aspects of our life, from physical health to monetary health. But how can a “health report” help a business phone line?

There’s a reason why people go to doctors for routine checkups. Often, the doctor will discover something wrong without there being any symptoms present. Knowing what’s wrong before it’s had a chance to turn into a larger problem is a key defense against major illnesses.

Voice quality monitoring works the same way. VQM can tell you if something’s wrong before you (or anyone else) even notices it. If you’ve got a line down, you don’t have to find out after a dozen customers couldn’t call through (or waited on hold for hours). If you’re experiencing voice quality issues, VQM will let you know so that you can take corrective action ASAP.

That early diagnostic warning system can help you prevent issues in the long run. Knowing immediately that you have telecom trouble gives you the chance to fix things before they get out of hand.

The less downtime you have, the less impact to your bottom line.

Put That 99.999% Uptime to the Test

Many telecom service providers claim they provide 99.999% uptime. This claim is demonstrably false. And their guarantees offer phone bill credits to organizations whose uptime falls short of advertisement.

This is an opportunity for organizations to make back money they spend on their telecom service. All they need to do is show that their guaranteed uptime isn’t met.

Unfortunately, most organizations can’t prove that their providers didn’t deliver 99.999% uptime. Consequently, they’re paying full price for a service that isn’t working as advertised.

Using voice quality monitoring software tracks your phone’s downtime. Each month, you can send that report to your service provider. They’ll refund payment for downtime beyond 99.999%.

That’s one way that voice quality monitoring can directly save you money.

Tangible Ways You Save Money with VQM

Paying money for services that monitor health and efficiency is standard today. We do it with our health when we get dental cleanings or bi-annual checkups. We do it with our personal technology by paying for antivirus software. It would make sense for companies who rely on their phone lines to monitor them, as well. All these things are preventative care and save us money on more costly, disruptive fixes.

Here are some of the ways your company can save money by using voice quality monitoring programs as preventative care.

  • Know definitively when your phone systems are online, offline, or experiencing issues. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and re-route business productivity during down-time, ultimately saving money.
  • Know exactly how often your phone lines fail so you can be prepared and take money-saving precautions.
  • Know if there is a power outage in your area which might cause issue with your service. That way, you can work around it.
  • Understand which providers are more efficient, allowing your company to work with the most efficient providers in your area. More importantly, save money by using only the most productive providers.
  • Know which part of the call chain is causing problems and fix it quickly.
  • Receive statement credits from your telecom provider for services not rendered (missing the 99.999% uptime mark).

There are limits to what a voice quality monitoring system can do, and those limits are something to ask about before signing up for voice quality monitoring. But even the five points listed are business pain points -- potentially causing monetary, time, and customer loss.

Further Reading

Most companies who depend on their phone lines experience call quality issues. It almost assuredly comes with the territory. But using a voice application monitoring program can redirect the impact of downtime and lessen its monetary shock.

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