Five Reasons To Choose PhoneSentry

Companies understand that today’s phone call is the equivalent of the well-presented shop window display in earlier years. The business phone system is the first “representative” of the firm that the potential customer encounters. Satisfied callers are much more likely to become customers, and existent customers keep their loyalty if their calls are handled well. Besides a top grade telecom system, effective call handling depends on quick problem resolution.

Audio quality is a crucial element that often determines whether a customer decides to make a purchase or end the call feeling frustrated. This explains why it is absolutely essential to use a dependable voice monitoring system that identifies audio deterioration problems before customer complaints start reaching the call center. Businesses that receive notification of call quality issues at an early stage are in the best position to take corrective action before the customers start to notice.


Our PBX Monitoring Solution

The developers of PhoneSentry recognized the need for an automated service that constantly checks for call quality problems, and generates alerts when problems are detected. Taking advantage of the latest advances in phone systems monitoring technology, they developed the PhoneSentry’s VoIP monitoring troubleshooting service. It is a perfect solution for businesses who want to keep close track of their voice environment events.

Five key PhoneSentry features ensure that this software delivers a first class solution for all your voice monitoring needs:

1. A Complete VoIP Monitoring Package

PhoneSentry’s Voice Application Performance Management (VoiceAPM) module empowers your help desk team to test the bidirectional quality of your voice network, voice endpoints, by location, end-to-end. It monitors the entire call chain to spot and report on whatever problems are threatening, or have already begun to interrupt the firm’s audio communications. PhoneSentry’s expert team also offers their professional assistance to diagnose and resolve any phone system failures that baffle your firm’s help desk.

2. Alerting

Through email, SMS or API, PhoneSentry sends the client’s help desk real-time notification of circuit outage, circuit degradation, latency issues or actual voice gateway problems. In addition to its contribution to customer loyalty rates, bringing serious phone system issues to the attention of support at this early stage can save firms a fortune in help desk time.

3. Easy Steup

The PhoneSentry team know how important it is to offer businesses a software voice monitoring product that is easy to install and manage. In the majority of cases setup on site takes just one hour, and there is no need for the user to devote any employee time to system management. This is another factor that makes it appealing to companies who lack the help desk resources to manage their own PBX monitoring.

4. Affordable

PhoneSentry is designed to provide a very low cost call but high quality phone system monitoring solution that is practical for businesses on low budgets to adopt. It is a purely subscription-based SaaS solution where the customer effectively rents access to the software online. Since it is a SaaS-only product, the user does not need to invest time and money in software and hardware installations.

5. Vendor Agnostic

PSTN monitoring through PhoneSentry seamlessly adapts to provide highly effective PBX monitoring solutions for different telecom configurations. For example, it provides highly accurate voice monitoring for an on-premise PBX, cloud hosted PBX, and SIP or PRI to the PSTN. PhoneSentry is also vendor agnostic so it makes no difference if your PBX is made Cisco or Avaya or Shoretel – your PBX monitoring software does not discriminate!