CenturyLink Outage Detected Instantly By PhoneSentry Customers

On Thursday, June 30th, 2020, at approximately 6:36am ET CenturyLink experienced a significant outage within their legacy Level3 network. The root cause was reported to be a card failure within a facility in McLean, Virginia. The impact on some customers and their services lasted almost six hours. For some businesses the consequences included their inability to receive or make phone calls on their business lines and phones.

Events like today are unexpected and unpredictable and the damage they inflict on a business can be considerable. Prospects and customers calling the business cannot connect and some call competitors. Employees needing to call customers and suppliers can’t use their business line and, increasingly, calls from unfamiliar mobile numbers go unanswered. For these and other reasons it has been estimated by Gartner that an outage can cost the average business $5,600 per minute.

PhoneSentry monitors business phone service and, as a result, the underlying networks and services that support it. PhoneSentry provides businesses with a comprehensive perspective of the performance of their phone service and instant alerts of any issues. As shown in the images below, PhoneSentry detected today’s outage immediately and alerted subscribers of its cloud-based service with no hardware or software to install or maintain. PhoneSentry customers were able to quickly activate backup plans including forwarding inbound calls to other lines or offices, enabling alternative outbound calling options that display the company’s standard Caller ID information, and more. The ability to react quickly saved those businesses potentially thousands of dollars in lost business, productivity, and reputation. Plus, PhoneSentry notified them the moment the outage ended so they could switch their services back to primary.

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