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Five Reasons To Choose PhoneSentry

Companies understand that today’s phone call is the equivalent of the well-presented shop window display in earlier years. The business phone system is the first “representative” of the firm that the potential customer encounters. Satisfied callers are much more likely to become customers, and existent customers keep their loyalty if their calls are handled well. Besides a top grade telecom system, effective call handling depends on quick problem resolution.

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Announcing PhoneSentry, the only zero install voice quality monitoring solution

Today marks a milestone. It’s the beginning of a journey, one that we’ve prepared a year for. One year ago our CTO and I were working on a project that became the inspiration for our SaaS service –

This project was to troubleshoot a complex VOIP network that we had designed and deployed for a large client. The CEO of the company was complaining of voice quality issues on their all-hands calls, and we were tasked with tracking down the issue.