Are There Any Downsides to Call Quality Monitoring?

There are downsides to any technological solution. Usually, those downsides are minimal, and include things like, “it costs money,” or “we’re lazy.”

Nevertheless, caveats are important to consider. So, let’s look at potential downsides to call quality monitoring.

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call quality monitoring with PhoneSentry

Technophobia and Fear of the Unknown

Many aspects of modern technology raise eyebrows and cause concern. We already see glimmers of fear in the media about simple things like self-checkout aisles, grocery store robot attendants, and social media monitoring.

Fear surrounding technology has many layers. Critics of technology are anxious their privacy might be breached, their jobs might be taken away, and more. At the base of these fears is the idea that their ability to live and work the way they did before will be distinctly altered by tools that were supposed to help them.

Unfortunately, this is also the case with voice quality monitoring. Businesses want fixes for the issues caused by poor voice quality on their calls. Yet implementing a fix seems invasive to their way of business and their customers’ privacy.

Voice Application Performance Management, or VoiceAPM, services are a simple solution to some of the biggest problems facing business phone lines. VoiceAPM services are not invasive some of the best ways to save money and keep customers happy.

Understanding Voice Quality Issues

Troubleshooting is part of human nature. We troubleshoot basic, day-to-day issues and we often troubleshoot at work.

However, to troubleshoot voice quality issues with your business phone number, you need to understand the root of those issues. You can get to the bottom of certain factors within your control—such as a phone cord ripped out of the wall, a noisy call environment, or even the amount of bandwidth you pay for through your internet service.

These are basic issues that require minimal outside knowledge of technology. For many other issues, you really need to know your stuff.

Not everyone can be a tech wiz—that’s what tech-specific businesses and services are for. Working with these businesses might increase the amount of technology your business is exposed to, but that’s a small price to pay for working phone service.

What VoiceAPM Services Do

PhoneSentry’s VoiceAPM services do what you might not be able to:

First, it will let you know if something is wrong. It can also pinpoint the source of call quality issues before, during, and after interruptions in service.

It can be especially frustrating for a business to deal with call quality issues while also searching for the root cause. With VoiceAPM services, businesses are warned before incidents happen, which can help them alert customers to potential issues before they happen.

For issues that can’t be predicted or forewarned, a quicker conclusion of the issue helps businesses resolve issues with less downtime, saving time, money, and frustration.

What To Expect When Expecting Better Phone Quality

It’s common for any new process, whether it involves technology or not, to have a few snags along the way. Here are some of the common ones we hear about.

  1. The number of phone calls sent to your system will increase. Your business will need a phone number not associated with a user in order to test issues with your phone service. PhoneSentry monitors your business phone service by sending phone calls to a line every five minutes.

    These calls are imperceptible to your business at the time, because they are re-routed to us. However, these calls will take up a business line and might add cost depending on your phone service terms.
  1. Alerts are part of the service—and they’re not always real issues. Your business will be alerted any time we believe there is an issue with your service. Sometimes, these alerts are false positives, so they might be an annoyance.

  2. Issues might cost a lot to fix. Sometimes we must be the bearers of bad news, and that bad news might mean your company spends extra money to upgrade or fix your service.

  3. It is a monthly service, so there is an associated cost. Like many good things in life, PhoneSentry isn’t free. But for a nominal monthly fee, your business is alerted to issues that could cost thousands each year. Ultimately, payment for PhoneSentry service is an investment.

So, Is It Worth It?

If you understand how your phone service works, you’ll understand that VoiceAPM services might have a few downsides. However, you’ll also understand that failing to address voice quality issues will cost you more in the long run.

To learn more about what we do, read some of our latest blog posts or schedule a demo. We’re happy to help you weigh the benefits and downsides of working with PhoneSentry.