Announcing PhoneSentry VoiceAPM 2.0 – Official Press Release

For more than one hundred years phone service has provided an essential link between businesses and their customers. Consumers have relied on their phone to connect them to desired products and services and businesses have depended on the phone to ring for revenue growth. Phone service has long been the foundation of ongoing business relationships as well: providing customers with support throughout their lifecycle. Over just the past two decades business phone service has changed in two major ways: phone service today mostly uses data networks and protocols for transport rather than a dedicated telecom network and phone systems mostly reside in data centers rather than on a business’ premises. These two changes have brought massive benefits through greater capabilities and lower costs. But there has been a significant, though frequently overlooked, downside: lower overall phone service reliability and quality.

According to recent research and surveys, this lower phone service reliability and quality is the cause of significant lost revenue and productivity for businesses. A Columbia University study showed that actual phone service reliability averages 18 times worse than the oft-promised “five nines” (99.999%) amounting to more than three hours of degraded service or downtime per week. A survey of thousands of consumers by the Consumer Experience Foundation showed that 79% of consumers have experienced poor voice quality when calling a business and a high percentage reported that “if they were calling about a new product or service, they would call a competing company instead.” Gartner Group estimates that the average cost of an IT outage for a business is $5,600 per minute.

Despite this reality, fewer than 15% of businesses monitor their phone service for reliability and quality2. Indications are that the cost and complexity of existing monitoring solutions are a significant explanation for the low adoption. Unfortunately, until now the most popular phone service monitoring solutions involved expensive and complicated hardware and software that must be installed, configured, and managed by technically-sophisticated staff.

PhoneSentry is the first and only phone service monitoring solution in the cloud -- no hardware or software installation required. Using a patent pending process, PhoneSentry constantly monitors a business’ phone service for reliability and quality end-to-end and instantly alerts it to issues and outages -- before customers or productivity are affected. The PhoneSentry online dashboard provides users with complete visibility of the current and past performance of the phone service at all their locations at a glance -- immediately from anywhere.

Today PhoneSentry is pleased to announce general availability of our Voice Application Performance Management (VoiceAPM) 2.0. The VoiceAPM platform is the only SaaS delivered, bi-directional voice monitoring service that tests not only your voice availability but the audio quality of your carrier or voice provider.

New Features Include:

  • New "Try Me" no obligation demonstration available on
  • Redesigned Dashboard - Global map for visual NOC monitoring, failed audio downloads
  • Improved Reporting - Scheduled reports, overview reports, on demand reports, exports 
  • ITU Based MOS Scoring - Precise audio scoring
  • Multi Party Alerts - We now offer multi-channel and multi-party alerts
  • Mute Alerting - Ability to mute reports at user/site/company level during maintenance
  • User Defined Thresholds - Ability for users to modify per site MOS thresholds & retries
  • Role Based Access Control - Designate which sites employees can access
  • Many more….

For a limited time, we are offering a no-cost 14 day trial. Find out if your voice quality is what your carrier promised you and if your phone service works consistently. Contact us today to sign up!