Announcing PhoneSentry, the only zero install voice quality monitoring solution

Today marks a milestone. It’s the beginning of a journey, one that we’ve prepared a year for. One year ago our CTO and I were working on a project that became the inspiration for our SaaS service -

This project was to troubleshoot a complex VOIP network that we had designed and deployed for a large client. The CEO of the company was complaining of voice quality issues on their all-hands calls, and we were tasked with tracking down the issue.

We searched the market for a tool that would help us troubleshoot the issues, and we came up short. In the end, we ended up looking at black terminal screens and performing a lot of manual testing. That’s when we came up with the idea: Why isn’t there an automated service that can test a site for call quality and outages and alert when there’s an issue in the technology chain. From carrier, to gateway, to device and back.

One year later we have PhoneSentry Voice Application Performance Manager (VoiceAPM). The only zero install voice monitoring platform that’s delivered by SaaS, priced for any organization, and is up and monitoring your site in hours. We automate and record the testing of your voice services, by site, and alert when you voice quality is degraded or your service is down. We allow you to relax knowing that your first notification of a voice issue won’t be a call to your helpdesk from a frustrated executive or a line manager.

We are looking forward to this launch and the days ahead. We are actively doing proof-of-concept testing with prospective customers. You can sign up to learn more about our offering or request a demo by contacting our team here.